Tesla Navigation Offers ‘Rerouting to a Less Busy Supercharger’

Supercharger trip planner

Depending on where you live, Tesla Superchargers can be a busy place to be, especially in cities with high concentrations of the electric vehicles or busy routes during holiday travel periods.

Tesla’s in-car navigation automatically calculates where you should stop to Supercharge when you enter in your destination. Upon closer arrival at a Supercharger, the vehicle will start pre-warming the battery for faster charging. But what if the Supercharger you’re set to arrive at is too busy suddenly? The Tesla navigation can also reroute you to another Supercharger location that’s not as busy.

That’s according to the latest picture shared by @cybrtrkguy on Saturday, which shows a picture of their trip planner and the message, “rerouting to a less busy Supercharger” in Sheffield, Ohio.

Rerouting less busy supercharger

“Never seen that one before. God I love this car,” said @cybrtrkguy in response to Tesla’s ‘surprise and delight’ moment. Have you seen this trip planner message before?

Earlier this month, Tesla hit a milestone of surpassing over 35,000 Supercharger connectors worldwide.