Tesla Including ‘Enhanced Autopilot’ with Some Existing Model Y Inventory



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After re-launching Enhanced Autopilot in the U.S. (and Canada), Tesla appears to be adding in the feature for some of its Model Y existing inventory listings.

According to one 2022 Model Y All-Wheel Drive Standard Range with 4680 battery from Giga Texas, the listing showed local delivery in Miami was available (as previously reported) for this car.

But more interesting was the fact Enhanced Autopilot was shown as “included”, along with its $6,000 USD price tag added in.

It’s unclear if the buyer of this Model Y with 4680 was able to remove Enhanced Autopilot at the time of purchase, with the latter priced at $6,000 USD.

The listing shared by @w4tsla pointed ou that Tesla including Enhanced Autopilot for this Model Y, is similar to how some cars are listed with Full Self-Driving (FSD) included, but able to be removed.

The Enhanced Autopilot add-on includes the standard Navigate on Autopilot, but throws in Auto Lane Change, Autopark, Summon and Smart Summon.

The add-on brings features from Tesla’s Full Self-Driving package, minus Traffic Light and Stop Sign Control and Autosteer on city streets (currently in beta).

The price of the 2022 Model Y AWD Standard Range showed $70,990 USD, with Deep Blue Metallic Paint and upgraded 20-inch Induction Wheels. Take away the blue paint ($1,000) and wheels ($2,000) plus Enhanced Autopilot ($6,000) and the price becomes $61,990 USD.

We told you earlier this week Tesla had increased the price of this Model Y Standard Range with 4680 by $2,000 to start at $61,990 USD.

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