Tesla Cybertruck Design Finalized, Production in ’12 Months-Ish’: Elon Musk [VIDEO]

In part three of the Tesla Owners Silicon Valley interview with Elon Musk, the electric carmaker CEO revealed the Cybertruck design has been finalized.

When asked about Cybertruck, Musk said “design is finally locked. For sure locked.” Musk noted with last year’s chip shortage being “so bad”, it wouldn’t have been possible to start Cybertruck.

Tesla had to starve its Powerwall line of semiconductors to instead focus on moving chips to make cars, said Musk. Tesla also had tooling equipment stuck in China as well.

When asked when will Tesla start Cybertruck production? Musk replied with “roughly 12-months-ish”, meaning around the middle of next year or fall/winter.

We’ve seen the Cybertruck out in the wild many times but for now, it remains unclear what the real ‘final’ design will be. Tesla is likely holding the final design cards close to its chest while teasing the overall early prototypes out in the wild.

Check out part three of the interview below:

YouTube video