Elon Musk to Speak at Qatar Economic Forum 2022 on Early Tuesday Morning

Tesla, SpaceX CEO Elon Musk is scheduled to appear at this year’s Qatar Economic Forum in Doha, Qatar.

The Qatar Economic Forum is an annual gathering of world leaders and entrepreneurs organized by Bloomberg. For this year’s event, the organizers settled on the theme “Equalising the Global Recovery.”

The event will run from June 20 to June 22. Musk has been confirmed for a session dubbed “In Conversation With Elon Musk” on Tuesday, June 21. The celebrity billionaire will be joined by Bloomberg Editor-in-Chief John Micklethwait.

Heads of governments from across the globe, over 500 business tycoons, and more than 75 keynote speakers will be in attendance at the Qatar Economic Forum 2022.

Climate change and the world’s transition to clean, sustainable energy are expected to be key topics of discussion through numerous sessions this year. Tesla is at the forefront of the global effort to reduce carbon emissions and is pioneering sustainable transportation with its electric vehicles. In addition, Musk’s impending acquisition of social media platform Twitter may also come up in conversation.

Other critical areas of focus at the event will include the latest economic trends, lowering inflation, post-pandemic recovery, and more.

Musk will speak at 3:10 am EDT (6:10 am PDT) on June 21, with topics ranging from Tesla’s relationship with China to the next U.S. election, according to Bloomberg.

Among the notable executives from the automotive sector speaking, will be Herbert Deiss, CEO of Volkswagen AG.

The Qatar Economic Foundation has not confirmed whether Musk will attend the gathering in person or virtually, though it will likely be the latter. Check the Bloomberg link above as Musk’s talk likely will be live-streamed.