Tesla Cuts Price of Model 3/S Illuminated Door Sills to $175, Taking 30% Off



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Back in September 2021, Tesla launched illuminated door sills in Canada and the USA, expanding availability of the accessory beyond Europe, priced at $250 USD.

On Friday, Tesla dropped the price to $175 USD ($225 CAD) for the Silver color option for the Model 3, according to information obtained by Tesla North.ย While Silver is discounted by $75 (or 30% off), Black remains at the original price of $250 USD ($320 CAD).

With inflation affecting all goods and services nowadays, itโ€™s rare to see a price drop. Tesla may be trying to offload excess supply of these accessories.

“Add a premium touch to your Tesla by accentuating your vehicle’s model name with Model 3 Illuminated Door Sills. This elegant addition requires no additional wiring to your vehicle’s electrical system. Each sill is activated by a magnetic switch and powered by a long-lasting battery with LEDs for seamless installation,โ€ explains Teslaโ€™s product description.

Also dropping in price today are the 2012-2020 Model S illuminated door sills, down to $175 USD ($225 CAD; previously $250 USD), seeing a similar 30% drop.

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You can check out these discounted illuminated door sills online for the Model 3 here and 2012-2020 Model S here. The Model Y illuminated door sills remain at $250 USD.

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