Cadillac LYRIQ EV Orders Launch in China

Cadlliac’s first EV, the LYRIQ Luxury SUV, is now available to order in China, according to a press release shared by the company on Monday.

The LYRIQ includes three variants, including a rear-wheel-drive long-range Luxury model, a rear-wheel-drive long-range Prestige upgrade model, and the all-wheel-drive premium Prestige performance model.

Prices start at RMB 439,700 ($65,788 USD) and range to as much as 479,700 ($71,773 USD).

To order the Cadillac LYRIQ, customers must place a deposit of RMB 5,000 ($748 USD) down using the Cadillac IQ app.

The vehicle will also come in three different exterior colors, and deliveries of the performance model are expected to begin in late December or early 2023.

Vice President of Cadillac China Chris Biggs said, “LYRIQ signifies the beginning of a new era for our iconic brand and is only the beginning for our transformation to an all-electric portfolio.”

The LYRIQ will have a 33-inch diagonal LED display, AKG 19-speaker audio system and 26-color ambient lighting.

Biggs continued, “It will appeal to today’s generation of tech-savvy Chinese consumers who value CADILLAC’s stunning design and its history of over a century of innovation. We look forward to their excitement as they embrace this groundbreaking product and enjoy the unique luxury EV experience that will be a signature of all CADILLAC EVs.”

The LYRIQ is being produced at the SAIC-GM Cadillac factory in Shanghai. The two RWD entry variants are set to deliver in late September or early October, while the AWD performance version is slated for late December 2022 or early 2023.

General Motors (GM) initially announced the LYRIQ EV last April, and Cadillac LYRIQ pr pricing in the U.S. will begin at $62,990.