Here’s a Tour of SpaceX’s Starship Launch Tower with Elon Musk [VIDEO]

After part 1 of an interview with Elon Musk about Starship was shared this month, the second part has been released and shares some updates directly from SpaceX head about Starlink’s new satellites.

Elon Musk was interviewed on YouTube channel Everyday Astronaut in a video shared on Thursday. We also get an incredible view from the top of the SpaceX Orbital Launch Tower.

In the video, Musk discusses several topics, including details about SpaceX’s upcoming second-generation Starlink 2.0 satellites.

The video’s host Tim Dodd asks Musk about what makes the Starlink 2.0 so much better, noting that they’re also physically larger.

In response, Musk said, “The Starlink 2.0 satellites are almost an order of magnitude more capable than Starlink 1.0.” When asked to clarify, Musk added “How many useful bits of data can each satellite do? Starlink 2.0, in terms of useful bits of data is almost an order of magnitude better than Starlink 1.0.”

Musk also noted that Starship needs to fly frequently to help get Starlink 2.0 off the ground substantially.

Multiple times, Musk notes how much more capable the second-generation satellites are, though they’ll still work with both first- and second-generation Starlink terminals.

SpaceX unveiled the second-generation Starlink dish and terminal last year, featuring a smaller overall build and a new removable cable.

Watch Musk talk about SpaceX’s Starlink 2.0 satellites beginning at 10:45:

YouTube video