Elon Musk in Brazil for the Launch of Starlink, Government Talks

Starlink’s low-Earth orbit internet has been expanding to countries around the world, and a meeting this week could help the company expand to one more in South America.

SpaceX Head Elon Musk will meet with the Brazilian President this week to discuss the potential for a partnership on rural connectivity, according to Reuters.

Musk will meet with Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro on Friday to discuss possibilities for Starlink internet in remote parts of the country.

The meeting will take place in a hotel near Sorocaba in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and will include multiple business executives such as Telecom Italia’s CEO Pietro Labriola and lender Banco BTG Pactual chair Andre Esteves.

@FabioFaria wrote on Twitter that Musk was also arriving in Brazil “to discuss Connectivity and Protection of the Amazon.”

In a tweet acknowledging the meeting in response to @FabioFaria, @ElonMusk on Friday said “Thanks for having me!”

The news comes after SpaceX met with Brazil’s Communication Minister Fabio Faria in November in Austin, Texas.

The meeting with Brazil’s far-right Bolsonaro also comes just days after Musk wrote that he will “vote Republican” on Twitter, adding that he can’t support Democrats anymore.

After news that Musk had acquired Twitter, the Tesla and SpaceX head has added that the deal can’t move forward without the company clarifying the number of bots on the platform.