Tesla Changes Off-Peak Supercharging Hours in California: Now 9pm to 11am

Supercharger hero

Tesla has updated its off-peak Supercharging hours in California, starting today April 12, 2022.

According to an email sent out by the automaker (via Reddit) on Tuesday, it explains “off-peak hours will change at California Supercharging locations. Charge for less at select Superchargers before 11AM and after 9PM.”

Previously, off-peak hours were set to begin after 7pm, but now has moved forward two hours to 9pm. The morning off-peak time was previously set at 10am, but it’s now at 11am.

Tesla says owners can tap the Supercharger pin on their vehicle’s touchscreen to see specific rates and eligible sites. When navigating to a Supercharger with Trip Planner, your Tesla will precondition its battery automatically prior to your arrival.

Charging at off-peak hours means reduced pricing of $0.24 kWh, versus $0.48 kWh at peak rates. If Tesla owners are able to Supercharge during off-peak times, that definitely will result in savings. The change by Tesla looks to alleviate pressure at Superchargers during peak times, suggesting owners charge at less busy hours in exchange for savings.