Tesla Launches Disney+ in Canada with 2022.12.1 Update



Disney+ canada tesla

Image via Akashdeep S.G. via Facebook

Tesla has expanded Disney+ beyond the United States, bringing the streaming service to Canada.

According to the latest 2022.12.1 software update, in addition to new bottom bar customizations, expanded child lock features, mobile app controls for Dog Mode and Camp Mode and also Turkish, Canadian users are seeing Disney+.

As per Model Y owner Akashdeep S.G. on Facebook, from Kitchener, Ontario, the user says 2022.12.1 expanded Disney+ to Canada, as seen in his screenshot above.

There has been a workaround for Disney+ in Canada on a Tesla, as all you need to do is open YouTube, search for the site and then be able to access it. This works for other streaming services such as Crave and Prime Video, for example.

Earlier this week, the 2022.12 software update introduced Disney+ to Australia, and now 2022.12.1 brings it to Canada.

In July 2021, Disney+ landed for Tesla owners in the United States. Later in December, Tesla CEO Elon Musk clarified, “Disney restricted us to U.S. only,” shedding light the decision wasn’t theirs to make. But now that has seemingly changed.

Disney+ costs $11.99/month in Canada and $119.99/year.

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