Tesla Informs Customers in China of Production Halt via Mobile App



After reports held that Tesla’s Gigafactory Shanghai may finally reopen this week, the automaker has sent a notification out to customers on Wednesday about the status of pre-ordered vehicles.

Tesla is notifying customers in China about its production halt through the Tesla mobile app, according to a post and photo from Yan Chang (via @Tesla_Adri) earlier this week.

In the notification, the Tesla app tells pre-order customers that the production of their Model 3 and Y units was suspended due to the ongoing spread of COVID-19, though it doesn’t provide details about when production will begin again.

China’s Zero-COVID policy is strict about quarantining, which was the initial reason Tesla was forced to stop production.

While the automaker thought it may be able to reopen on Monday, the reopening plans were cancelled. Instead, the automaker began shooting to reopen Thursday, but there hasn’t been any news of plans to reopen as of yet.

Last month, Tesla increased the price of its Model Y Standard Range in China by RMB 15,060 ($2,372 USD).

The automaker also increased the price of its Model 3 Standard Range with RWD trim by RMB 14,248 ($2,240 USD).

In February, Tesla also announced a new plant in China, expected to bring the automaker’s annual production capacity up to 2 million cars per year.

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