Rivian Starts Hiring for Upcoming Atlanta Service Center

Rivian electric cars

Rivian announced plans to hire “dozens of local workers” at an upcoming Atlanta service center, according to Biz Journals.

The automaker will renovate a warehouse beside Atlanta Brewing Co. on Defoor Hills Road to outfit it with a mechanic shop, parts storage, a wash bay, and employee and customer areas, as detailed in a permit with the city.

A Rivian spokesperson said, “Service is a critical component of meeting our drivers’ needs and is a first-tier priority as we scale.”

The spokesperson also added that the service center will hold training sessions for working with electric vehicles (EVs), with an aim to prepare the workforce for “a green transportation future.”

The Amazon-backed EV startup has produced a little over 1,000 EVs, after raising over $10.5 billion in capital over the past few years.

The service center adds to Rivian’s investment plans in Georgia, which include a production facility.

The plant is set to be built this summer with completion in 2024, and it will have a production capacity of around 400,000 vehicles upon reaching full capacity.

Built to Atlanta’s east, near Covington, the plant is well-supported by the state of Georgia, despite some neighbors expressing concerns about the facility changing the neighborhood and negatively affecting resource supply.