Tesla’s Shanghai Factory is Back Online After COVID-19 Pause: Report

Tesla’s Gigafactory in Shanghai, China, is now back online making vehicles. That’s according to the latest report from Reuters, noting sources have indicated the factory resumed production on Friday.

Earlier this week, the Gigafactory in Shanghai was suspended for two days, as part of local efforts to contain the latest COVID-19 case surges. As of 7am local time (2300 GMT), Reuters says the factory restarted its shifts to work 24 hours per day, as per sources.

When Tesla’s factory was shut down, workers were quarantined to local residential compounds for 48 hours to be tested for COVID-19, says unnamed sources.

Earlier today, Tesla said it was working to resume production at Giga Shanghai, which currently is the company’s main export hub for Europe and the local region in Asia.

Recent price increases for Tesla vehicles have also affected the local Chinese market as well, with the entry Model Y seeing a recent price increase, joining other versions in its lineup and the Model 3 as well.