Tesla 2022.8.2 Update Release Notes



Tesla has started rolling out its 2022.8.2 software update and now release notes are available.

According to the details from developer @greentheonly, 2022.8.2 release notes indicate…

  • Estimated charging times are now more accurate, taking battery temperature into account
  • Vehicle preconditioning accessed via Tesla app will stay on up to 30 minutes after a door is opened
  • Model 3/Y: ability to hide an active call card so it doesn’t block active navigation turn-by-turn directions
  • Model S/X: call info now shows at top of the screen in a ‘card’ that can be swiped away
  • New language support: Czech
  • USA/Canada/Mexico/Puerto Rico: Boombox only works now while parked
  • Additional climate controls via Tesla app
  • Navigation search results

According to Not a Tesla App, also new is a ‘faster backup camera’, as a laggy delay has been fixed.

Expect a wider release of 2022.8.2 soon in the United States and beyond.

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