Tesla Says About 60 Cars Testing FSD Beta in Canada, Maybe Weekend Release

Photo: James Locke

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has provided an update on the status of Full Self-Driving (FSD) beta and its release in Canada.

Musk has long promised FSD beta would be coming to Canada soon, with a recent update last week saying Tesla was still on track to expand it this month. 

On Friday morning, Musk revealed Tesla may expand FSD beta to Canada this weekend, after revealing, “we’ve had about 60 or so cars testing internally in Canada.”

In November 2021, Musk said “maybe December” when asked about FSD beta’s arrival in Canada. He said “no guarantees” and said the reason for the delay was due to lots of “incremental testing and code tweaks for different road system in Canada.”

Tesla will likely cautiously roll out the Autopilot add-on to those with the highest Safety Scores, determined by an owner’s driving habits, similar to its launch in the United States. Musk’s latest update doesn’t sound hopeful for FSD beta expansion