Tesla Launches Model 3 Power Tailgate Retrofit in China

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Tesla has launched a Model 3 Electric Tailgate Upgrade Service in China, according to @JayinShanghai.

The retrofit offers a power tailgate for Model 3 owners backed by a three-year warranty, priced at 3,980 RMB ($628 USD). Prior to this, Model 3 customers without power tailgates were using third-party aftermarket options.

Tesla says customers can contact their local service center to schedule an upgrade appointment. The trunk retrofit includes access via the Model 3 display.

When the Model 3 was originally manufactured at Giga Shanghai, vehicles did not have a powered trunk. The upgrade eventually debuted in November 2020, alongside upgraded headlights, chrome delete, a revised steering wheel with metal buttons, a new center console with wireless charger and USB in the glovebox.

Check out the video shared by Tesla China below, detailing the power liftgate retrofit. It’s unclear if this option will expand beyond China and reach the USA:

Tesla’s video details the professional installation by the company. The power liftgate can be programmed to a specific height, while it will also detect resistance and cancel its closing if something is in the way. The retrofit will be fully-integrated into your Tesla’s touchscreen for control of the power rear trunk, something third-party solutions cannot offer.