SpaceX Surpasses 250,000 Starlink User Terminals, Says Elon Musk

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SpaceX has announced Starlink customer terminals have now reached 250,000, as shared by CEO Elon Musk on Monday afternoon.

When asked if upload latency would improve when all Starlink satellites have transitioned to lasers for faster transfer speeds, Musk replied, “yes, but more ground stations & improved packet routing will make a bigger difference.”

When someone shared a screenshot of a Starlink internet speedtest from Australia, showing 386 Mbps downloads, the SpaceX CEO said, “system is working well in Australia and New Zealand.”

Someone also asked Musk when Starlink would reach Africa. Musk replied, “announcements coming soon.”

Starlink internet costs $99 USD per month, after a one-time $499 USD fee for hardware, which includes a satellite dish and router.

Recently Starlink Premium launched, offering a more powerful satellite internet solution for businesses in rural areas.

SpaceX’s recent Starlink satellite launch saw the batch fall victim to a geomagnetic storm while in orbit, resulting in a loss of up to 40 satellites.