Tesla 2021.44.30.13 Software Update [Release Notes]



2021 44 30 11 release notes

Image via @ElecVehicleGuy

Tesla has started rolling out its 2021.44.30.13 software update, as noted by companion service @Teslascope. A Model 3 Performance in California that was previously on 2021.44.30.11 received today’s update.

According to 2021.44.30.13 release notes shared by @ElecVehicleGuy in the UK, nothing new is noted.

However, Not a Tesla App says 2021.44.30.13 says this update also brings Speed Bump Visualizations to Full Self-Driving owners, not part of the beta program.

Fsd vis speed bumps

We recently saw evidence of this earlier in the week, also shared by @Tesla_Adri, noting the feature was showing up undocumented in 2021.44.30.12.

Let us know if you’re receiving the 2021.44.30.13 software update today on your Tesla, by leaving a comment below.


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