Tesla Model Y from Fremont Delivers with Heated Wiper Defrost Feature

Model y heated wiper interface

Image via @axlaxl7

It appears the first Model Y vehicles made at Tesla’s Fremont factory in California, are now coming equipped with a heated wiper blade area, that was first noticed for vehicles made at Giga Shanghai for China and Europe.

According to @SawyerMerrit, new Tesla owner @axlaxl7 took delivery of a Model Y Long Range in Chicago, back on January 22, 2022. This Model Y features the heated wiper area, with a new icon showing under climate control.

The feature, known as Windshield Wiper Defrost, allows Tesla owners to “clear snow and ice from your wiper blades by turning on windshield wiper defrost for improved visibility.”

“To enable, tap the wiper defrost icon in the Climate control popup. Wiper defrost will automatically turn off after 30 minutes and will only activate when temperatures drop below 50F (10C) when enabled.”

According to @axlaxl7, the feature heats up the glass area where the wipers sit. “You can feel the heat where my fingers are,” said @axlaxl7, who told Tesla North he received the feature when he updated to 2022.4.5:

The Long Range Model Y also came with an AMD Ryzen processor and 12V lithium-ion battery. Expect more Tesla Model 3/Y owners in the U.S. and likely Canada to share news of this new Heated Wiper feature, as deliveries continue to rollout.