NIO Developing Web-Based Chat Platform for Owners: Report

Photo: NIO (via CNEVPost)

Just a month after China-based electric vehicle (EV) company NIO unveiled its ET5 sedan with 620 miles of range, new reports show that the automaker has, quite literally, entered the chat.

NIO is currently performing testing on a web-based chat interface, making it the first EV company to do so, according to CNEVPost.

Aligning with the company’s claims to being a “user enterprise,” the chat interface will allow users to chat with each other, ultimately expected to help the company identify problems and offer solutions to its drivers.

The new chat platform will also allow users to text using their computers, which was not previously available using the NIO app.

Photo: NIO (via CNEVPost)

Still, users will need to provide a phone number and the verification code used to sign up for the NIO app to make an account.

The interface is not far off from WeChat, which is currently China’s largest messaging platform with 1.21 billion active users per month, as measured in Q3 2021.

The chat app is also offered in both English and Chinese, ahead of NIO’s plans to rival Tesla beyond China’s borders in the years to come.

Some in the U.S. have even spotted job postings for NIO infrastructure jobs as recently as last month.