First Impressions: Tesla Model S Plaid Track Mode in 2021.44.30 [PICS]

Model s plaid track mode

Tesla has started rolling out Track Mode for Model S Plaid owners, with the release of its 2021.44.30 software update.

According to Model S Plaid owner John B. @JbTeslaman (via @2022Plaid), he received the 2021.44.30 update on Tuesday afternoon and shared screenshots of Track Mode in the release notes.

“Optimize your Plaid configuration for dynamic driving exclusively on closed courses and experience the unmatched performance at many different venues. To enable, tap Controls > Pedals & Steering > Track Mode,” reads the update.

Track Mode offers the following:

  • Thermals: Heat pump system cools more aggressively, maximizing powertrain endurance and performance. Enable post-drive cooling to shorten wait times between sessions
  • Drive Systems: Torque vectoring authority is increased across the three motors, elevating the vehicle’s agility and cornering capability

Track Mode Settings show a ‘Race Preset’ and ‘Drift Preset’, allowing owners to tweak handling balance, stability assist, regenerative braking, post-drive cooling, brake temperature and save dash cam for laps settings:

Model s plaid track mode menu

Here’s Track Mode and how it looks on the Model S Plaid front display:

Model s plaid track mode front screen

According to another Model S Plaid owner, Split @SplitDaWig, there’s a new visual for the G-force meter

“The increased regen is awesome. Haven’t had to use the breaks at all! The suspension definitely feels more “adaptive” to the imperfections in the road and the torque vectoring [is] noticeable when coming out of a turn with high power,” said @SplitDaWig, after trying out Track Mode on their Model S Plaid.

“My only gripe is that this much regen control is not given at ALL times,” added @SplitDaWig.

Last week, @greentheonly shared release notes from 2021.44.30 that detailed Track Mode for Model S Plaid vehicles. The 2021.44.30 software update started to roll out on Tuesday, January 4, 2022, for many Model S Plaid owners, unleashing Track Mode to try out in the New Year.

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Did you get the 2021.44.30 software update on your Model S Plaid yet?