Tesla Warns FSD Beta Testers of ‘3 Strikes’ Rule to Enforce Safe Driving

Tesla has been warning its Full Self-Driving beta testers about driving safely when testing the beta program, as a ‘three strikes’ and you’re out rule has been implemented.

According to an email shared by @WholeMarsBlog, Tesla writes to a FSD beta tester the following:

“You are receiving this email because telemetry from your vehicle was flagged for improper usage of the FSD Beta feature,” reads the email.

“Specifically, while using the FSD Beta feature, you or another driver of your vehicle received:

  • Two or more “strikeouts”, which resulted in the loss of Autopilot availability for that drive; or
  • At least one “strike” per 5km (about 3 miles) driven on Autopilot, which is a visual and audible warning that requires attention.

“This is your only warning to please keep your hands on the wheel and remain attentive at all times when using Autopilot. The car is not autonomous and if you aren’t paying attention a crash could happen and you or others could get hurt, or worse, so failure to abide by this warning will result in removal of the FSD Beta feature from your vehicle,” concludes the email, signed off by ‘The Tesla Team’.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk today replied to Teslarati’s story on Twitter regarding the matter, with a simple, “we are.”

Tesla plans to release FSD beta 10.3 this week and expand its beta tester fleet to those with Safety Scores of 99.

The company stated during its Q3 earnings call yesterday it has about 150,000 cars using the company’s Safety Score, in other words, they pressed the ‘FSD beta button’ (to try to get eligible for FSD beta), and so far the latest driving data is over 100 million miles.