Tesla’s Cybertruck Will Have Removable Side Mirrors, Confirms Elon Musk

Photo: Bernard Maltais (via @ajtourville)

Earlier today, we saw a blurry video showing Tesla’s Cybertruck driving around with rear-wheel steering, while also sporting side mirrors for the first time.

Now, we have confirmation the Cybertruck will have side mirrors, as per CEO Elon Musk.

On Tuesday morning, Musk replied to a tweet by @adamhoov, with the latter saying “I’m not ok with side mirrors on the Cybertruck.” That’s when Musk chimed in, “They’re required by law, but designed to be easy to remove by owners.”

So when Cybertruck is available, owners will be able to remove their side mirrors if they don’t want them. It’s unclear how Tesla will implement removable side mirrors, but we’re imagining some sort of magnetic attachment would be pretty darn cool.

Last week, Tesla removed Cybertruck pricing and specs on its website, only saying they would return in 2022. Cybertruck production is expected to begin at the company’s upcoming Gigafactory in Austin, Texas, after Model Y production.