First Look: Tesla Model X Refresh Delivered in California [VIDEO]



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Yesterday, a TMC forum member by the name of ‘sunnyvaletree’ shared they were going to take delivery of their Model X refresh, a Long Range version, today in Fremont, California.

Many doubted the soon-to-be Model X refresh owner, but just this afternoon, ‘sunnyvaletree’ shared a video walk around of their new Long Range refresh, which you can see below:

“Hi folks just got home and I just [uploaded] a video. As you can probably tell I am more of an old school so online sharing is new to me. The video has [VIN] so hopefully that answers some [people’s] questions. I think more deliveries are coming so hopefully all of you can get it very soon,” said ‘sunnyvaletree’.

In the video, see the pearl white Model X refresh with cream interior as was stated in his original post. The car looks great and many TMC forum owners ended up apologizing for doubting the user and their claims of getting a Model X delivery today.

The owner ‘sunnyvaletree’ said there were in total five Model X refresh deliveries today, sharing an image below:

Tesla may be delivering more Model X refresh vehicles soon. But for new orders of the Model X Long Range, estimated delivery dates have were pushed yesterday to June 2022.

Update: Tesla has shared official pictures of yesterday’s Model X deliveries:

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