First Drive: Lucid Air Dream Edition and AMP-1 Factory Tour [VIDEO]



Lucid Motors held its AMP-1 Factory preview event, and one publication attended and covered the event, sharing a new, exclusive test drive video of the Lucid Air Dream Edition.

The Kilowatts shared a new video on Wednesday from the Lucid Motors AMP-1 factory tour, in which they took an exclusive drive in the Lucid Air Dream Edition.

While the video shows some brief footage from inside the Lucid AMP-1 factory, the company would only allow them to film a little bit inside, so the video largely focuses on experience with the drive.

Following the test drive, the host reported a fairly comfortable experience, and emphasized that it was a big step up from what The Kilowatts team felt they experienced test driving the vehicle recently in Monterey.

Despite the Lucid Air Dream Edition feeling “slower than a Plaid,” the host also says it’s “more stable to control.”

In an interview with The Kilowatts, Lucid Motors Senior Vice President Derek Jenkins said, “This is a milestone for us obviously – being here in this factory that didn’t exist a little under two years ago.” Jenkins continued, “So being here at this moment, [we] feel pretty good about the level of the car.”


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