First Look: Tesla Model 3 Illuminated Door Sills at Night [PICS]



Earlier this month, Tesla launched a new accessory for Model 3, Model Y and Model S owners, in the form of illuminated door sills.

The illuminated door sills replace your existing ones but are lit up at night. They cost $250 USD for a set for all three models. Originally, they first launched in Europe but are now available in Canada and the USA.

Tesla owner Zack (@BLKMDL3) from Los Angeles, California, ordered a set of these illuminated door sills for his Model 3 immediately, and tonight shared a first look at this accessory in real life, with pics taken at night.

In a nutshell, they look pretty darn awesome. Check out a closer look at the pics shared by Zack…

This picture is the illuminated door sills taken at “almost nighttime”:

Model 3 illuminated door sills 0

Moments later, Zack shared pics of these doors sills lit up at night:

Model 3 illuminated door sills

Here’s how the look like zoomed out—such a nice touch for Tesla owners at night:

Model 3 illuminated door sills 4

The door sills are activated by a magnetic switch and the LEDs are “powered by a long-lasting battery”, says Tesla.

For the Model 3, Tesla offers these door sills in both black and silver, but for Model Y and Model S, they are only available in black. Are these worth the money? If you have the cash to spend, they look to add a nice classy touch to your Tesla.

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