Rivian R1T Electric Truck Completes Trans-America Trail in Off Road Test



Photo: Motortrend

After gaining full U.S. approval and rolling the first Rivian R1T off the production line, Rivian is already gaining traction in the follow-up to one publication’s adventurous trip in a Rivian R1T.

On Monday, Motortrend shared photos and documentation from part two of its Rivian R1T off-road trip across the Trans-America Trail, and the result is unreal, showing two of the electric pickups tackling off-road adventures together from Oklahoma to Utah and onward to Oregon.

The publication shared part one last week, and with part two out into the world, the trip is officially complete.

Photo: Motortrend

The trip included two different R1T units, named Rocky and Holly, while the team largely tested the vehicles’ Off-Road Rally and Drift drive modes.

Photo: Motortrend

Summarizing leg three of the adventure, which took place from August 5-15 across 1,502 miles between Bartlesville, Oklahoma and La Sal, Utah, Motortrend wrote, “Four powerful electric motors trump any transfer case.”

Photo: Motortrend

On a later leg all within Utah, the publication wrote, “We could’ve run the whole story with only photos and video from Utah, and no one would notice.”

Photo: Motortrend

The trip reportedly marks the first electric vehicle (EV) to cross the U.S. all off-road via the Trans-America trail, and it included no difficulties finding chargers, one issue getting stuck in Oregon sand, and a ton of impressive offroad photos to corroborate the stories.

Photo: Motortrend

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