Tesla 2021.24.9 Software Update Rolling Out: What’s New



Tesla has started rolling out its 2021.24.9 software update to owners, especially for those in the United States, as noted by the @Teslascope service.

According to vehicles using Teslascope’s service, owners are updating to this latest software update from 2021.24.4 and 2021.24.5, with mention of Model 3 vehicles seeing the update.

As for what’s new in Tesla’s 2021.24.9 software update, release notes were shared by @JamesIAndersen, noting they are the same as 2021.24.5, showing “nothing new”.

According to the 2021.24.9 release notes:

  • Disney+
  • Car Wash Mode
  • Mirror Auto Dim
  • Dashcam Improvements
  • Range Display
  • Remain Connected to Wi-Fi in Drive
  • New Language Support

Let us know if you’re seeing 2021.24.9 pop up for your Tesla in the comments.


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