Electrify America Will Stop Installing CHAdeMO Chargers in 2022

After news from earlier this month that Electrify America plans to double its electric vehicle (EV) chargers in the U.S. and Canada by 2025, the company has also announced plans to do away with one type of fast-charger in 2022.

Electrify America will move away from using CHAdeMO chargers at its charging stations in 2022, and instead will just install new stations with CCS chargers, according to Inside EVs.

The previously dominant charging hardware has fallen in recent years, and many think that Nissan’s move to a CCS charger in the Ariya EV shows that the CHAdeMO’s reign has officially ended.

Newer CCS chargers offer both slow AC charging and fast DC charging, at rates up to 350 kW at 1000v – though no EV can currently accept that speed.

Instead, V2 CHAdeMO chargers, which also offer DC fast charging, support up to 400 kW at 1000v, essentially future-proofing the network.

While many Electrify America stations currently feature both CHAdeMO and CCS chargers, the company will stop installing new CHAdeMO chargers beginning in January, though the California Air Resource Board (CARB) likely will require they don’t drop the charging type altogether – despite the fact that they only make up about 7 percent of network usage in the current charging market.

Eventually, it’s likely that CARB will allow Electrify America to phase the CHAdeMO charger out, especially as there are no more EVs being released in North America with CHAdeMO charging equipment.