Tesla CEO Elon Musk Disses Apple During Q2 Earnings Call



During Tesla’s Q2 2021 earnings call yesterday, CEO Elon Musk bashed a fellow technology company for its apparent lack of environmental friendliness and its gatekeeping decisions, among other things.

Musk took fire at Apple on Monday, saying during the earnings call Tesla uses significantly less cobalt than the electronics company, and calling the company’s App Store strategy a “walled garden,” according to CNBC.

During the call, Musk said, “Apple uses I think almost 100% cobalt in their batteries and cell phones and laptops, but Tesla uses no cobalt in the iron-phosphate packs, and almost none in the nickel-based chemistries.”

Musk continued, “On a weighted-average basis we might use 2% cobalt compared to say, Apple’s 100% cobalt. Anyway, so it’s just really not a factor.”

Tesla began moving away from the use of cobalt after environmental criticisms over working conditions in cobalt mines, and later the automaker joined the Fair Cobalt Alliance to protect and support artisanal cobalt miners in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

In addition to insulting Apple for its cobalt use, Musk went on to call Apple’s App Store software controls, fees, and policies a “walled garden,” saying that Tesla wanted instead to focus on creating sustainable practices for the world.

In response to a question about Tesla’s plans to open its Superchargers to other brands, Musk commented, “I think we do want to emphasize that our goal is to support the advent of sustainable energy.” Musk continued, “It is not to create a walled garden and use that to bludgeon our competitors which is used by some companies.”

Through a faked cough, Musk then muttered, “Apple.”

While Musk has some valid points, Tesla also has locked down its operating system in its vehicles, as no app store is available, while music services are still limited as well (no Apple Music is available). Others have also asked for Tesla to install Apple’s CarPlay, which offers iPhone users an easy auto interface for the company’s smartphones.

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