Used Tesla Trade-In Prices Keep Going Up for Some Owners



For some Tesla owners, it appears their vehicles are now appreciating assets on the used car market.

With what appears to be heavy demand for used vehicles and also pressure on Tesla’s parts supply chain, some owners in the United States are seeing their trade-in values increase over time.

According to The Kilowatts on Saturday morning, they said, “I’m speechless! Tesla’s trade-in offer for our 2019 Model 3 Dual Motor with FSD and 87,000mi keeps climbing!!”, now showing a price of $41,300 USD, when just two days ago it was at $38,700 USD. Back on June 20, the trade-in value was at $35,300 USD.

Currently, a new 2021 Model 3 Dual Motor is priced at $49,990 USD—without Full Self-Driving which is a $10,000 USD extra.

While not all markets are seeing this, it appears in the United States some owners seeking a trade-in offer from Tesla are seeing high prices.

Some have also seen some insanely high prices for used Tesla vehicles such as the 2021 Model Y Long Range above, although that might have been a pricing error?

What kind of prices are you seeing for your Tesla trade-in right now? Are you seeing prices go up?


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