Petition Fights NYC Ban on New EV Taxi Licenses, Affecting Revel’s Tesla Fleet



Earlier this week, New York City’s Taxi and Limousine Council decided to stop granting electric vehicle (EV) exemptions for ride-sharing vehicles, effectively stopping Revel from its goal to create a 50-unit fleet of Tesla Model Y taxis.

However, despite the decision, a new petition on has been launched following the decision, calling to reverse the New York City ban on new EV taxi licenses.

A reversal of the decision would allow Revel, previously an electric scooter company that announced its EV taxi fleet plans in April, to obtain the necessary licensing to operate a small fleet of 50 Tesla Model Ys.

The petition, started by Adam Jonah, says, “If you want to see Revel rideshare Teslas on the road — providing good jobs for New Yorkers, making our city’s air cleaner and safer, and putting pressure on competitors to convert to electric — please make your voice heard by signing and sharing this petition.”

According to the petition’s description, Revel plans to designate drivers as full-time employees – unlike those of Lyft and Uber which have come under fire in California for being independent contractors – and the company also plans to increase the EV charging infrastructure throughout New York City.

You can sign the petition to reverse NYC’s ride-sharing taxi ban for EVs here.


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