Tesla Touts Model S Plaid Drag Coefficient: Lowest of Any Production Car



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Tesla took time to reiterate the drag coefficient of its Model S Plaid at its special event tonight at its Fremont factory in California.

CEO Elon Musk touted the performance of the Model S Plaid, but also took time to note the sedan has the lowest drag coefficient of any car ever made. Musk emphasized how it was “true drag including wheels in motion”, resulting in a 0.208 drag coefficient.

Tesla also touted the car would have acoustic glass, resulting in a quiet interior even at high speeds. The car’s 22 speaker sound system with 920 watts has a Tesla-designed codec, which will result in the audio system improving and tweaking over time, based on user preferences.

Below is the jacket Musk was wearing sporting the ‘Plaid’ design logo.

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