SpaceX Testing New Starlink Terminal with 2 Satellite Dishes in One Unit



As SpaceX continues to increase its reach with Starlink’s satellite internet constellation, the company is reportedly experimenting with different dish styles, says an FCC filing on Tuesday.

SpaceX is testing Starlink terminals that utilize two separate, square dishes, rather than one, according to a filing with the FCC requesting approval to test the dishes in five states, as spotted by Wccftech.

The filing says the two satellite dishes are 12.2 inches squared, while one transmits and one receives data, as compared to the round, 23-inch dish the company currently has deployed to customers all over the world, which includes both transmission and receipt of data in the single piece of hardware.

Photo: FCC (via PCMag)

SpaceX is seeking FCC approval to test the satellites in California, Colorado, Utah, Texas, Washington, and the filing would only provide a six-month license for the testing.

Fellow satellite internet company Viasat has requested for the FCC to revoke SpaceX’s government funding for Starlink, and the company reportedly plans to take the case before the U.S. court of appeals if the FCC doesn’t.

Last month, Viasat also asked the FCC to halt Starlink launches, citing the National Environmental Policy Act, which Viasat claims was violated when the FCC approved a lower orbit altitude for Starlink’s satellites since the agency didn’t perform a full environmental inspection prior to approval.


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