New Tesla Model Y Deliveries No Longer Include Passenger Lumbar Support



Model y no lumbar

Tesla looks to be making a cost-cutting measure for new builds of its Model Y and some Model 3 vehicles, according to new owners.

According to u/Chrissugar21 on Reddit, the new Model Y owner picked up the compact crossover SUV from Tesla (VIN 199 XXX), only to notice the passenger seat no longer includes lumbar support control. The owner’s other Model Y does have lumbar support for the passenger seat.

Others chimed in to confirm the passenger lumbar control is no longer available for new Model Y deliveries.

“Took delivery of my [Long Range Model Y] Friday. Checked my Passenger is without it as well,” said another Model Y owner.

Another Model Y owner replied to say their new delivery with VIN 192XXX is also missing the lumbar dial. “My [Model] Y with vin 192xxx is also missing the lumbar dial in passenger seat. This seems to have started around April. Mine was built May 12.”

Tesla’s website for the Model Y now reads “power adjustable front seats”, instead of “12-way” adjustable seats.

The change appears to be for the Model 3 as well. One user said their Model 3 delivered two days ago also lacks lumbar on the passenger side.

Many users on Reddit chimed in to say with recent Model Y price increases this latest cost-cutting measures leaves a sour taste in the mouths of new owners.

New Model Y and Model 3 deliveries now also come without radar, as Tesla is now transitioning to camera-only Autopilot called Tesla Vision.

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