Ontario Auto Parts Manufacturer to Build EV Batteries in New Joint Venture



Zero-emission vehicles are gaining steam, despite ongoing and global supply chain shortages for the right hardware. To counter the issue, one Canadian auto parts maker has pledged to begin manufacturing its own car batteries, along with the help of another Canadian company.

Ontario, Canada auto parts maker Martinrea has formed a new joint venture with Montreal-based graphene producer NanoXplore to build electric vehicle (EV) batteries, according to Electric Autonomy.

The joint venture, called VoltaXplore, has garnered $8 million from each company to build a demonstration facility, expected to follow up with a 10GWh battery cell plant.

Martinrea, Canada’s third-largest auto parts manufacturer, has shared plans to test and develop technology for EV batteries, which the company claims may help improve EV battery charging times and driving ranges, both while the battery operates at lower temperatures.

Martinrea President and CEO Pat D’Eramo said, “I think a lot of battery makers are going to get very interested in graphene very quickly.” D’Eramo continued, “My guess is there already are some that are interested in it, but aren’t saying it because it’s secret sauce.”

Earlier this year, Canada’s Lion Electric also received a $100 million investment to establish a battery pack assembly plant in Saint-Jérôme, Quebec.


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