Starlink Download Speeds Tracked in Canada, USA for Q1 [Report]



On Wednesday, PCMag shared speed test maps from Ookla, showing download speeds Starlink users are getting access to across the U.S. and Canada.

The results, as collected from data throughout this year’s first quarter, show a high rate of variance among users in different regions, with some of the best median speeds taking place in Shasta County, California.

In contrast to the impressive speeds in Shasta County, many users have found Starlink’s speeds to be a little disappointing, according to Ookla.

While SpaceX head Elon Musk has confirmed that download speeds will double in 2021, he has also stated that Starlink is best for those in rural, remote locations, rather than dense urban areas – many of which, like Kansas City, Missouri, also have competitors in fiber internet that would render satellite internet slow, antiquated, and effectively useless.

However, SpaceX has partnered with the Nooksack tribe, among a number of other rural indigenous communities, to bring improved satellite internet to places that wouldn’t normally see speeds over 5 Mbps, making Starlink seem like a major upgrade, no matter what download speeds it’s getting.

SpaceX recently announced that Starlink has over 500,000 orders worldwide, even as the company continues to launch more Starlink satellites, expanding its location, and adding to a growing orbital satellite constellation, which is expected to power internet connectivity in remote communities for years to come.