Tesla FSD Beta V9 Launch Date: ‘Probably’ Two Weeks, Will ‘Blow Your Mind’ Says Musk

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has shared an update on the progress of Full Self-Driving (FSD) beta V9, plus the launch of the latter for the European Union and Canada.

On Wednesday evening, Musk said the launch of FSD V9 would be “probably two weeks”. “Gating factor is achieving & proving higher safety with pure vision than with vision+radar. We are almost there,” he added.

“FSD Beta V9.0 will blow your mind,” concluded Musk, hyping up the release of the latter. Now, we should all have our “Elon time” hats put on right about now, however.

When asked about the update on FSD beta’s release in Canada, Musk said “probably a few months. There are many subtle differences between US & Canada driving,” echoing what he’s stated in the past. So it appears for Canadians, the FSD beta launch continues to be delayed, again.

Musk then followed to add, “And hopefully EU this summer.”

Let’s hope Tesla can deliver on its FSD beta promises. However, it’s better for Tesla to delay its launch than to release a version that is not the best. It’s definitely not worth the risk given the magnifying glass self-driving systems have been under lately in the media.

During Tesla’s recent Q1 earnings report, the company said its plan to switch to radar-less FSD was ahead of schedule for the U.S. market. Tesla also touted a “vision-only system is ultimately all that is needed for full autonomy.” Keep your eyes and ears open for FSD beta V9 to debut possibly timed with FSD subscriptions in May.