Audi Reveals A6 e-tron Concept at Auto Shanghai Expo

Luxury automaker Audi is gearing up for a major strategy shift towards electrification, with the company having released multiple teasers towards an all-electric line this year, and most recently dropping a new car announcement.

Audi revealed the A6 e-tron electric Sportback car concept at Auto Shanghai on Monday, according to a press release.

The vehicle is set to be built starting in 2022, based on Audi’s new electric vehicle (EV) architecture platform, called Premium Platform Electric (PPE), which will feature fast charging with 270 kW and a range of over 435 miles (700 km).

In addition, the Audi A6 e-tron line is expected to include dual motors with a total output of 350 kW, and a torque of 800 Newton meters.

Audi also revealed its Q4 e-tron compact crossover SUV and a second variant last Wednesday at the company’s annual Celebration of Progress event. In February, Audi released the e-tron GT, making the company’s A6 e-tron the fourth EV concept/car release this year.

The release details that PPE vehicles will be designed to be available globally, and will be rolled out in the brand’s key markets – with manufacturing set to take place at the company’s European facility, as well as a China production facility which is currently being constructed in Changchun to establish the PPE line’s production.