Tesla Seeks Semi Truck Service Technician in Canada

Tesla semi canadaEarlier this month, Tesla follower @SawyerMerritt shared the company was looking to post jobs for its Semi truck “in the coming weeks”, with four jobs listed internally first for North America.

On Wednesday, Merritt followed up to say Tesla was able to fill three of these jobs internally, while a fourth position has been posted in Ontario, Canada.

The listing location is for Mississauga, which is about 40 minutes west of Toronto. The job says it is for a ‘Semi Service Technician’.

“We are looking for experienced Tesla Service Technicians to support our upcoming new and exciting Semi Service Program. If you are looking to expand your horizons or have experience in the HD Trucking Industry, please see the opportunities below,” reads the job listing.

Tesla has yet to deliver its Semi, but says battery cell constraints are preventing it from meeting demand. The company plans to deliver its first Semi trucks later in 2021.