Tidal-Powered EV Charging Station Debuts in Scotland



Nova Innovation’s tidal turbine-powered charging station for EVs. Photo: BBC

Electric vehicle (EV) charging stations are growing in presence to match the increasingly electric auto market throughout the world, but one company in Shetland, Scotland is upping the ante with marine-powered electricity.

Nova Innovation has created an EV charging station powered by tidal turbines on the island of Yell in Shetland, Scotland, according to BBC.

The company has been powering local homes and businesses in the northeastern United Kingdom community for over five years now, though this marks the first EV charging point using the marine technology.

“We now have the reality of tidal-powered cars, which demonstrates the huge steps forward we are making in tackling the climate emergency and achieving net zero by working in harmony with our natural environment,” said Nova Innovation chief executive officer Simon Forrest.

The charge point, which is located beside the waters of Bluemull Sound at Cullivoe Harbour, was built in part from funding through Transport Scotland, a government program to expand the region’s EV offerings.

In response to Nova’s EV charger, Transport Minister Michael Matheson said, “This type of innovation is key in responding to the global climate emergency and highlights the opportunities that can be realized here in Scotland.”

Tesla is currently offering UK customers £2,500 off of its Model 3 to counter grant ineligibility recently enacted by new price requirements. We also reported earlier this month that Tesla lobbied in the UK for increases to taxes on diesel and gas cars which could help subsidize EVs more efficiently.

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