Tesla: Melt Snow and Ice Off Your Car ‘Before Even Leaving the House’ [VIDEO]



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On Monday morning, Tesla shared a neat video of an owner’s Model 3 melting snow off the vehicle, thanks to preheating being enabled via the company’s mobile app.

“Use Tesla phone app to melt snow & ice off your car before even leaving the house,” said Tesla. The video comes from Tesla owner David R. Cook, who responded, “Thanks for the coverage Elon! One very happy Tesla-driver right here!”

According to Tesla, you can enable the Scheduled Departure feature to precondition your vehicle close to your departure time.

Tap the Climate Controls settings screen > turn on Preconditioning in settings > select ‘Schedule’ to set a daily time when you want to be ready to drive.

“You can conserve significant energy on the road by using Scheduled Departure while plugged in. Once your specified time is set, your car prepares itself by determining the best time to start charging and preconditioning,” explains Tesla.

You can also pre-condition your car via the Tesla mobile app, by activating preconditioning or defrost. “This will save significant energy on the road to be plugged in while preconditioning,” says Tesla.

How to enable this feature in the mobile app? Check it out below:

  • Precondition: Open the Tesla app and tap ‘Climate’ > ‘Turn On.’
  • Defrost: Open the Tesla app and select ‘Climate’ > defrost icon.


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