SpaceX Delays Falcon 9 Starlink Launch to Tuesday, March 2



On Sunday evening, SpaceX scrubbed its Falcon 9 launch of 60 Starlink satellites at the last minute, with the rocket standing down with just under two minutes to go on its final countdown.

SpaceX said its next launch opportunity would be on Monday, March 1 at 8:15pm EST.

But just this morning, SpaceX has now revised its backup launch window, citing “poor weather conditions in the recovery area,” as one reason for delaying the launch to now Tuesday, March 2, at 7:53pm EST.

“Due to poor weather conditions in the recovery area and to allow additional time for pre-launch checks, now targeting Tuesday, March 2 at 7:53 p.m. EST for launch of Starlink from LC-39A,” said SpaceX.

SpaceX last launched its Falcon 9 rocket on February 15, which saw 60 more Starlink satellites sent into orbit. However, the Falcon 9 recovery failed as the rocket did not land on the company’s autonomous drone ship in the Atlantic Ocean, a rare miss for the booster given its recent winning streaks of landings. It’s not surprising SpaceX wants to be extra cautious for its next launch, hence this further delay, also due to recovery conditions.


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