Fossil Fuel Cars Create ‘Hundreds of Times’ More Waste than Electric Vehicles: Report



The world is in the midst of a major transition to zero-emission vehicles, particularly through electric vehicles (EVs)which do not burn fossil fuels for its engine.

According to a recent analysis by Transport & Environment, this move from petroleum and diesel cars to EVs will bring major environmental benefits with it, with the firm identifying that fossil fuel cars use 300 times more resource waste than EVs in production – which only lose about 66 pounds of waste in their production lifetime (via The Guardian).

The analysis also includes the recycled lifespan of a lithium-ion battery, to be sure, like the work done by former Tesla employee through company Redwood Materials.

Overall, the firm found EV waste better and more minimal than petrol cars, simply because of lower raw material demand, and lowered energy efficiency costs during production – before even mentioning the production of harmful exhaust emissions like carbon dioxide, among others.

While the move to EVs will require a certain level of environmental costs, like more mining of minerals like lithium, nickel, and cobalt, as well as deforestation relating to the construction of production facilities, Transport & Environment also said that oil extraction takes a much greater environmental toll than the aforementioned factors combined.

In any case, the move to EVs is well on its way, and despite some with special interests in the petroleum vehicle space propagating rumors that say otherwise, EVs stand to benefit our environment greatly, while reducing waste, emissions, and, ultimately, our reliance on oil extraction.

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