Tesla Signs Battery Recycling Deal with Redwood Materials

A 3D-printed 4680 Tesla battery cell replica, courtesy of Reddit user u/Bimmer3389

JB Straubel, a former Tesla employee and head of battery recycling company Redwood Materials hopes to put a dent in mining and electric vehicle (EV) battery degradation, and in a new partnership, the company has furthered its reach into the battery cell industry.

On Tuesday, Teslarati reported that Redwood Materials had signed a partnership agreement with Envision AESC, meaning that the company now works with the two largest battery manufacturers in North America – AESC and Panasonic, the latter of which has its major operations at Tesla’s Sparks, Nevada factory.

With AESC operation out of Tennessee, Redwood Materials has effectively established a nationwide reach for battery cell recycling, during a time when mainstream EV adoption is still in its infancy.

Major critics of the EV movement have cited battery cell degradation as a major environmental concern, though Straubel and his company have gotten to the point where new and recycled batteries are largely indistinguishable – effectively helping to curb waste from used car batteries.

In any case, Redwood hopes to someday be able to establish a completely circular, zero-waste supply chain with AESC, which would eliminate the need for mining pushes and battery material suppliers altogether.