Tesla Solar Roof ‘Even Clears Off Snow’, Touts Company



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Recently a new video by Jason Lassen showed how Tesla’s Solar Roof also clears snow off, showing how his roof was clear compared to his neighbours.

On Sunday, Tesla’s official Twitter account shared Lassen’s video, saying “Solar Roof even clears off the snow.”

According to Lassen, he said, “our Tesla Solarglass Roof is just about complete and it’s experiencing one of [its] first snowfalls. We’ll check out to see how quickly the snow falls off the roof and whether it melts (and runs off as water) or whether it winds up as a large snow pile.”

In an update, the homeowner clarified, “the home was fully insulated during this shoot. There is foam insulation in the walls and blown insulation in the attics. In our climate, it would be extremely wasteful to heat a home under construction that was not insulated.”

Check out Lassen’s video below:

SpaceX’s Starlink and the latter’s satellite dish also can melt snow as well, proving to be similarly user-friendly in snowy conditions.

Update Feb. 22: Elon Musk says the Tesla Solar Roof is slightly hydrophobic, allowing water to slide off easily.

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