Tesla Store in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Opens

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Tesla has opened its first store in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, in Canada.

The Tesla Owners Club of Saskatchewan helped open up the store, using a Boring Company flamethrower to burn a ceremonial ribbon, reports CTV News.

The new Tesla Store is located at 703 Melville Street, inside Stonebridge auto mall. The location was formerly a Maserati dealership.

Tyler Krause, president of the Tesla Owners Club of Saskatchewan, told CTV News, “As of today there’s 237 Teslas in Saskatchewan but up until this point there hasn’t been a store to actually pick up your Tesla.”

Even frigid temperatures couldn’t stop enthusiastic Tesla owners from showing up to support the opening, with temperatures dropping to 19C (-2F).

With a store now in Saskatoon, Tesla owners can now pick up their new cars in their home province and not have to drive to Calgary, Alberta.

Tesla opened up a store in Saskatchewan before Apple could even open up a retail location in the province. Now that is a sign of things to come.