Starlink Internet Beta Website Now Lets You Sign Up Instantly If You’re Eligible

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It appears SpaceX’s Starlink internet beta program has sent out a new round of invites on Wednesday, along with new changes to the company’s website for allowing eligible users to register immediately for the service.

A Tesla North reader located in the Lindsay, Ontario area in Canada, informed us they received their Starlink internet beta email today. Their latitude is at 44.59°, which is an expanded range of beta invitees sharing their locations on this Reddit thread.

Other locations seeing Starlink internet beta invites today (location and latitude)…

United States

  • Montana – 45.64
  • Vermont 44.53
  • Washington – 47; 46.6
  • Oregon – 43.9; 44.02
  • Michigan – 44.76
  • New Hampshire – 44.3
  • Wisconsin – 43.97
  • Minnesota – 45.3
  • Idaho – 46.4
  • New York – 42.44
  • Maine – 44.864


  • Ontario – 44.52; 45.3; 44.1; 43.1
  • Manitoba – 50.01
  • Alberta – 50.71

Starlink Website Now Lets You Sign Up Immediately If Your Location is Eligible

The Starlink website also has been tweaked recently, asking customers to confirm their exact location when signing up to be notified of a beta program invite. Customers can drag a pin and note their exact location.

Also–if you’re in an eligible area, you will now be able to sign up immediately to purchase hardware, noted numerous Redditors. Just visit the Starlink website here and enter your email and address.

@TeslaLondon confirmed they were able to sign up right away after checking their address:

Some that recently ordered the Starlink beta today, received messages that said, “due to increased order volume, orders may take 2-4 weeks to ship.” It’s clear Starlink is seeing heavy demand from beta testers.

Earlier this morning, SpaceX launched 60 more Starlink satellites into orbit, with numbers now exceeding 1,000 satellites in space. The Starlink beta program recently expanded to the United Kingdom as well.

Did you get a Starlink internet beta invite today? Or were you able to sign up instantly? Let us know in the comments below.