2022 Fisker Ocean Electric SUV Pricing: From $37,499 USD

The new Fisker Ocean EV. Photo: Fisker

With electric vehicles (EVs) becoming more popular than ever, and with a slew of new vehicles on the way in 2021 and 2022, Fisker has finally released prices for its long-anticipated Fisker Ocean EV SUV.

According to founder Henrik Fisker, the Ocean EV will start at $37,499 USD, with options ranging in cost up to $69,900.

Upgrades will include ranges topping 350 miles, Fisker’s Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) FI-Pilot, solar roof, and high-performance 4-wheel drive, among others.

Fisker’s Ocean will be the company’s first released car, expected by some to rival the Tesla Model Y. But the Ocean SUV won’t be released until 2022.


The company also recently announced a partnership with Magna, in order to develop its ADAS, which has now been called FI-Pilot. It reportedly stands for “Fisker Intelligent” Pilot, and will not use LiDAR, a laser light system measuring distances between cars and other stimuli on the road.

Fisker is just one of a number of companies putting out new electric cars in the years to come – Lucid, Tesla, Rivian, and even legacy automakers like Ford and GM have EVs releasing and delivering to the public in the next few years. And as the market grows, so too will the competition.