Starlink Cable Routing Kit Now Available for Purchase

Starlink cable routing kit

SpaceX has launched a new Starlink Cable Routing Kit for beta customers to purchase. You’ll need to sign in to see and purchase this kit.

According to Starlink’s online store, the new Cable Routing Kit is “designed for customers with prior internet cable routing experience and installation; must be comfortable drilling through walls. Kit includes a spade bit, drill bit, cable routing tool, silicone sealant, grommets, and wall clips.”

The cable routing allows customers to seal both exterior and interior holes when routing a cable through a wall for a cleaner installation (via Reddit user ‘DarkStarPDX’).

The Starlink Cable Routing Kit is priced at $24 USD and for tools needed, that would be a drill and a stud/electrical finder.

You’ll notice the image used in the Starlink Cable Routing Kit shows a drip loop, allowing water running down the cable to drip away from the hole you’ll be drilling outside.

The kit package measures 13.75”x5.25”x1.75” (349x133x44mm) and weighs 0.83 lbs (380g).

Currently, SpaceX’s Starlink internet is in limited parts of the United States and Canada in beta form.